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    What is the Ripple Affect?

    The Ripple Affect is a destination to celebrate the simple acts that each of us are able to make that can make a world of difference in the lives of others.

    While each of these acts can create a ripple effect, as its impact spreads, the verb affect suggests actively influencing something.

    ann-marie2The brainchild of Ann Marie Mac Donald, the Executive Director and CEO of the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario, the Ripple Affect is a place where anyone is encouraged to submit and share their story, poem, video clip or any piece of sage advice that might just help shed light on something they did that has a Ripple Affect on others.

    It is estimated that one in five Canadians will develop a mental illness at some time in their lives. It has a profound impact on countless others such as friends, family members and colleagues.

    People often say they feel powerless to help or make a difference. This website aims to debunk that myth: Each of us can do something. Many people are doing something. Many people are doing a lot of things. A lot of little things can make a huge difference.

    The Ripple Affect is also a place to celebrate and salute the incredible contributions that volunteers are making across Ontario, Canada and the world to provide support and help for those suffering from mood disorders and mental illness.

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