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    Mood Disorders – Dr. Goldstein

    Dr. Benjamin Goldstein, Senior Scientist at Sunnybrook Hospital and Director for the Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder, talks about the link between heart disease and…

    Ripple Affect Event Interview: Norm

    Norm shares his experience as a volunteer.

    Ripple Affect Event Interview: Kimberly

    Kimberly discovers herself through art therapy.

    Ripple Affect Event Interview: Lindsey

    Lindsey shares her relationship with her boyfriend regarding her mental health.

    Ripple Affect Event Interview: Robin

    Robin finds a new outlet to express herself.

    Ripple Affect Event Interview: Darlene

    An encounter with a young woman on a subway makes a profound impact on Darlene.

    Ripple Affect Event Interview: Paul

    Paul talks about his experience with a support group and why he continues to volunteer.

    Ripple Affect Event Interview: Jordan

    Jordan helps another patient.

    The impact of sharing

    Sports broadcaster Michael Landsberg explains the power of sharing.

    The power of connection

    Karen Liberman, former Executive Director of the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario shares her personal account of the importance of human connections and the dramatic…

    Choose your words carefully

    Bianca shares her concerns over the inappropriate use of language, and how hurtful and isolating it can be for those with a mental illness. One…

    Take time to listen

    Kaaren, who volunteers at the MDAO, has helped countless others by simply listening to them when they call the organization. Sometimes a sympathetic ear is…

    Build your confidence

    After going through the WRAP program, Bart was energized to facilitate in a number of MDAO programs. He’s then gone on to help hundreds of…

    It’s never too late

    Shelly shares her account of how going back to school later in life to get her Master’s Degree helped inspire another woman to do the…

    Watch the Laughing Like Crazy video

    This inspirational video features participants and facilitators from the MDAO’s popular Laughing Like Crazy program. Learn about the healing power of laughter and how developing…

    You can do it too

    Anne’s honesty about what has helped her on her own journey to recovery has inspired others around her.